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The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

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Unleash Your Pleasure Potential…

If you know there is more to your pleasure than what you currently experience…

If you are curious about what it takes to access your full pleasure potential (or wondering what that means!)…

If you feel jaded or have given up hope on ever having an sexually expressed and satisfying sex life…

… then this is for you!

Discover my top secrets for how I went from being uncertain as to whether or not I was actually having an orgasm to living as a Multi-Orgasmic woman… without needing special toys, tricks, or even a partner!

Expressing your pleasure is delicious, exquisite, and liberating, especially when it no longer requires external circumstances or solely partner-based experiences, but simply the willingness to unlock your own pleasure potential!

In this Free Video Training Series, I will reveal:

1. How being orgasmic is something as natural as breathing and what you can do right now to start enhancing your experience.

2. How you can create life long libido starting right now and why its essential to do that.

3. How too much Kegeling (i.e.: pelvic tone) can actually inhibit orgasm and what to do to ensure your optimum pelvic/sexual health.

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Hi! I’m Saida Désilets, PhD, author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman and I can honestly say that the most incredible choice I ever made when it came to my sexual health and sensual fulfillment was to turn towards myself and unlock my own pleasure potential.

Sexual sovereignty is virtually unspoken of, yet is the essential key to living a fulfilling life!

I want you to know this and experience this for yourself.

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A Note From Dr. Abrams:

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to explore your Multi-Orgasmic potential!

I’m Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams, the author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, and an advocate for women’s health and sexual well being.

In January of 2003, while I was doing the research for my book, I met Saida Désilets, PhD, and immediately loved her enthusiasm, integrity and wisdom in the realm of conscious sexuality.

Saida has dedicated her life to refining and deepening Ecstatic Sexual practices through her devoted personal practice and through teaching thousands of women world wide. She is also a contributor to two of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books.

She is the ideal teacher to bring the concepts of my book to life through her online course: The Multi-Orgasmic Woman – Unleash Your Pleasure Potential.

I know that Saida is the perfect guide on your path to cultivating your full Multi-Orgasmic potential.

Enjoy her charismatic presence, deep wisdom, and heart-centered guidance.

With love and blessings,


Dr. Rachel Abrams
Author of the Multi-Orgasmic Woman